Nigeria: Ethiopia Celebrates Victory Day, Partnership With Nigeria –

The Ethiopian Embassy, Abuja, Saturday, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of its Victory Day in commemoration of the downfall of the brutal military Derg Regime on May 28, 1991.

At the event which held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, the Ethiopian ambassador, Samiya Zekariya, said: “May 28 is not merely a change of government but it is a day where the foundation for peace, stability, democracy and development was laid. As a result of this day our diversity is no more a source of threat but it is cherished as our beauty and opportunity as all democratic and human rights stipulated in the constitution.”

Although Ethiopia struggles with issues of drought and flood-related humanitarian crisis as it fights poverty, job creation, employment opportunities for youth and gender empowerment, it recorded success in other areas.

The ambassador said this year, Ethiopia introduced a new official tourism brand – ‘Ethiopia, Land of Origins’ and has 10 universally important sites which are registered as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.”

She said from a historical perspective, Ethiopia’s consistent and unreserved support for the decolonisation struggle is a concrete testimony of its solidarity with the people of Africa.

The envoy said 2016 also marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of strategic partnership between Ethiopia and Nigeria which started when Ethiopia opened its embassy in 1961.

“It is about time to deepen practical cooperation and expand people-to-people and cultural exchanges, so as to promote the Ethiopia-Nigeria relationship to a new level,” she said.

Zekriya who resumed office in Nigeria in March 2015, also said: “Economic ties among African countries are low compared to other regions. No matter how much, African leaders showed their interest to promote their inter-African trade, the truth is, trade volume among African countries is low. And the trade volumes between Nigeria and Ethiopia are not exceptional. We believe trade volumes between our two countries are expected to grow with the Ethiopian Airlines daily flights at four destinations in Nigeria.”

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