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The Africa Union, ambassadors, diplomats and Coptic Orthodox Church representatives expressed their heart felt condolences to the government and people of Ethiopia specially for those who lost their sons due to Islamic State terrorist attack and the recent victims of violence in South Africa.

African Union Deputy Chairman, Erastus Mwencha described the IS act as terrible and inhuman. He said: “We strongly condemn such heinous and barbaric act while we pray for the country and all peace loving people in Africa and world wide. We will work together to do whatever it takes to bring justice but to stand along with the families during this difficult moment.”

“This is a threat not only facing Africa but the whole world. We need to work together globally, first of all exchange information and make sure that supplies, funds and recruitment do not reach them. We must advise the youths not to be exposed to the false preaching they carry out and avoid recruitment, the Deputy Chairman said. He talked about plans to address the issue of terrorism and mentioned the summit held last year.

Benin Republic Ambassador also expressed his deep sorrow over the criminal act IS committed against the Ethiopian people. “What happened in Libya is now every body’s concern. Religious intolerance is unacceptable. We should fight them by standing in unison,” he said.

Acting Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana, O. Rhee Hefanang, on his part said that he was bringing a message of solidarity here from the Government of Botswana with the people and government of Ethiopia over the senseless killing of innocent Ethiopian civilians. He said he wanted to assure that Botswana is with the Ethiopian people in this difficult moment. Botswana is committed to continuing its solidarity and support with the rest of the international community in the fight against international terrorist.

Acting Ambassador of the Republic of Somaliland, said he came here to send a message of condolences to Ethiopian brothers and their government. “This is inhuman act which is against humanity and against Islam. I do believe that IS had nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. It does not advise or teach the killing of innocent people. We strongly condemn such inhuman act carried out by IS.”

Similarly, the Coptic Orthodox Church representative in Ethiopia Abune Angelos, also expressed his condolences to the Ethiopian people and government over the brutal killing of innocent Ethiopians in Libya by ISIL.

So far 79 ambassadors and heads of international organizations have signed the book of condolences prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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