Teacher suspended for telling student to 'go back to Ethiopia' – The Times of Israel

College Peer Tafnit Holon suspended a lecturer Tuesday after a video surfaced of the teacher arguing with Ethiopian students, telling them, “You forget where you came from. Go back to Ethiopia.”

The argument began Monday during a class discussion on the violent Rabin Square protest that took place in Tel Aviv the day before, in which Ethiopian-Israelis rallied against police brutality and institutionalized racism. One of the students, Osnat Terunech, whose parents moved to Israel from Ethiopia, had taken part in the demonstration.

“The Ethiopians are taking over the country,” said Aviva, the female lecturer whose last name has been withheld.

Terunech responded to the lecturer, chastising her for voicing her political opinions in a classroom setting. “You’re supposed to keep your opinions to yourself,” she continued. “You are representing an organization.”

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