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The obsession with honour despite achieving nothing has not eluded Malawi President Peter Mutharika.

The Malawi leader has flown out of the country this afternoon (Friday) to Ethiopiaa to get an honourary paper from the University of Addis Ababa. Mutharika left via the Kamuzu International Airport this afternoon, spending with him millions on the journey at a time that the country is suffering economic pain and the hunger situation is worse with the Mutharika government showing no sign to be on top of the situation.

Peter Mutharika Ethiopia
Mutharika breaks ‘travel fast’

In the week, the public broadcaster which also serves as Mutharika’s mouthpiece, the MBC, congratulated Mutharika for absconding international travel for over half a year owing to bad economy.

Commentators took turn on the public broadcaster to heap praises on Mutharika citing that he is an austerity-minded President.

However days down the line, Mutharika has laughed in their faces by embarking on the trip to Ethiopia where he will receive a honorary degree.

Commenting on the development, social commentator Felix Unyolo said the trip by Mutharika indicates the President’s lack of sound judgement.

“If what MBC said is anything to go by that the President had to forfeit important assignments because they would cost him heavily then this trip is just a manifestation that we have a President who is driving us to doom,” Unyolo said.

He said that at a time that the country is experiencing cuts in all sectors, it was only wise for the Malawi leader to be considerate in his travels.

“Mutharika already has papers, why is he bothering himself to travel all that long and blow millions for a paper he will not use?” wondered Unyolo.

Meanwhile the Malawi leader has left with a full entourage including cheer persons on his journey to Ethiopia where he will get the useless paper.

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