Ethiopia's human right commission to present report on recent violations –

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Saturday said it will present a general report to the country’s national parliament on complaints of human rights violations in areas where conflicts had occurred recently.Human Right Watch reported that about 240 Ethiopians were killed in Oromia state of the country following protest against the controversial joint master plan for the capital Addis Ababa las November and December and January this year.

Violence was also erupted in Ethiopia’s north Gondar zone, Amhara Regional State that claimed the lives of dozens and wounded many others. Even though, the violence has now under control universities and high schools remain closed in the state of Oromia which is home the largest ethnic group in the country.

In addition to the report to be submitted within the coming two weeks, the Commission will make recommendation on the violations.

Human rights groups existed at home and abroad revealed that human rights violations have been committed in the conflicts occurred in some parts of Oromia, north Gondar zone of Amhara as well as in the Southern and Gambella Regional States.

Chief Commissioner of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Dr Addisu Gebregziabher, said investigation into complaints of human rights situations in underway in those areas.

Ethiopia’s human rights record is improving from time to time, he said, adding the Commission will work jointly with the public, government bodies and democratic organizations to verify the information regarding the complaints.

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission is a national human rights body mandated to promote, protect and work towards realization of human rights in Ethiopia.

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