Ethiopia Wins 'Tour Meles for Green Development International Cycling Race' –

Ethiopian Cycling teams wins the first international tour cycling race named “Tour Meles for Green Development International Cycling Race” which was held in Tigray State of Ethiopia from August 28-Sept 2. The Ethiopian cyclists have shown an amazing performance and finish first in the race.

According to Nigusse Gebre, President of the Ethiopian Cycling Federation, the tour was primarily aimed at commemorating the over all contribution of the late PM Meles Zenawi to the Green Development of the country, his green imitative and his visionary leadership. It is also aimed at expanding the sport in the nation and in the continent.

Moreover, he said; “It is also an opportunity to show the fact that our nation is stable and one of the safest place in the world.”

Tour Meles Cycling Race which has now expanded to an international race level for the first time had been held three times so far on a yearly basis at a national level with only the third one last year that have included six Sudanese cycling delegates of which four were competitors.

Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and two Ethiopian teams were in attendance in this year’s race.

The communities at each towns, cities and zones have an amazing support to the competitors with different kinds of motto’s on their hand expressing the legacies of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on sport and in the green initiative endeavours.

On a stage one race held on August 28/2016 from Makalle to Adigrat, Ethiopian cyclists have won all the race categories. Alem Giray has achieved the winner of the stage, the leader of the race and intermediate points race categories. And the other Ethiopian cyclist Aklilu Messele, being awarded with best young cyclist and the king of the mountains award categories.

And on Monday August 29/2016 the second Stage covers 130 KMS from Adigerat to Axum. Tamrat Meressa has been the winner of the race and best young cycle riding. Aklilu Messele has won the king of the mountains race category. The leader of the intermediate points goes for Alem Girmay who became the leader of the two stages.

Amazingly the winner of Stage 3 on August 30/ 2016 was the South African rider Reynard Buttler. In this stage Getachew Yohannes won best young rider race category. Whereas, Aklilu Messele won the king of the mountains with Alem Giramay shining in both the leader of the intermediate points and the leader of the race in general.

In the race from Makalle to Endamariam held on Sept 1/2016, Four Ethiopian riders finishes the race consecutively without leaving a room for other competing riders. Tewodros Tesfu who is also the leader of the day’s race becomes the winner of the stage. Getachew Yohannes wins the best young rider race category. And the king of the mountains goes for Aklilu Messele whereas Alem Girmay wins the leader of the intermediate point’s race category.

The final race has been concluded with Ethiopians taking the lead in the total result of the five-stages held during six days of amazing competitions last weekend even if the South African Rider Reynard Buttler emerged winner in the final Makalle circuit race last Friday on Sept 2/ 2016. Algeria and Ethiopia came second and third in this last stage race.

Even if the last circuit race was a lucky day for South Africa and Algeria finishing ahead of Ethiopia, Ethiopia finishes the race in a cumulative total points of the five stages taking the lead. Ethiopian two teams take the first and the second position in total. With Kenyan, Algerian and South African teams placed third, fourth and fifth positions respectively in a total result.

Senior federal and state governments officials including Youth and Sports Minister Redwan Hussien attended the closing ceremony of the race. The officials have also given awards and certificates to winners and delegates of the race.

The race covers over 600 kms distance in total. And some 10 million birr of which over one million birr has been given as a prize for the winners of the race.

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