Ethiopia: Turkey Restores Ottoman-Era Building –

The consulate building was built during the Ottoman era in 1912 in Harar city.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) announced Tuesday that it has successfully completed the restoration of a 100-year-old Ottoman-era building in Harar.

Built during the Ottoman era in 1912 in Harar, it had been on the verge of collapse after years of neglect before TIKA began a restoration project two years ago.

Project Head Dr. Hamit Pilehvarian told Anadolu:”We worked to get the original Ottoman architecture back at the forefront.”

Pilehvarian said families from the Ottoman period had lived in Harar and some buildings similar to classical Turkish architecture could still be found in the city.

He said the roofs of some old buildings in the city had the special Alaturka tiles that reflected their Ottoman heritage. Pilehvarian said his team also restored hand drawings on the ceilings of the second floor, inspired by the local Harar architecture.

TIKA Addis Ababa Coordinator Fazil Akin Erdogan said: “We think the restored building will be one of the symbols of the city and will soon be opened to visitors.”

The historic city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia is on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage. The wall surrounding the city was built between the 13th and 16th centuries.

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