Ethiopia: Tibeb Girls Animation Series Premiered –

Tsehai Loves Learning the first puppet show in the national television EBC has taken another step on bringing new animation series to the screen called The “Tibeb girls” last week. Tibeb Girls the first animated series in Ethiopia is about three young girls who use their superpowers to fight injustice and harmful practices towards girls in Ethiopia.

Bruktawit Tegabu said at the inauguration event that “We are excited to introduce a new action drama ‘Tibeb girls’. The animation series is about three African teenager super heroines taking the audience on fun,imaginative and educational journey as they increase to understand the changes that are happening to them.It also deals with the struggles girls face everyday.”

Established by young female entrepreneur Bruktawit Tegabu in 2005,Whiz Kids Workshop provides educational materials through innovative approach and children television and mass-media programs reaching millions of children by creating an impact to narrow large educational gaps in Ethiopia, particularly at the preschool level, by making the educational materials entertaining and culturally relevant, affordable and reliable for early childhood education, specially for rural areas in local languages, and are internationally recognized for quality and educational value.

According to Bruktawit, In partnership with Ministry of Education, local and international organizations, wiz kids has setup reading corners in classrooms of twenty government schools. It as well has cultivated a culture of reading books by organizing book reading for children in shopping centers, involving rural community students in film making to address their social and cultural issues, aiming to promote science in a fun and engaging way while encouraging a curiosity for innovation.

Tibeb Girls took 1year to finish. It costed over 25000$ and had 28 crew members.

Representatives from the ministry of education and other distinguished guests attend the premier at Goethe institute.

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