Ethiopia rescues dozens of children abducted last month – Anadolu Agency

By Seleshi Tessema


Ethiopia has recovered some of the 125 children who were abducted by militiamen from South Sudan last month in a deadly ethnic clash that left more than 200 people dead, Ethiopian government announced Monday.

On April 15, heavily-armed ethnic Murle militiamen reportedly crossed over from South Sudan into Ethiopian soil, where they went on a rampage, pillaging 13 localities of Nuer and Agnuak communities.

Tewolde Mulugeta, Foreign Affairs spokesman, said: “Ethiopia’s effort to get the children back achieved the first result today with dozens of children released.”

But exactly how many were released was not specified by the official. No independent confirmation about the number of children rescued so far could be made.

Also, it remains unclear exactly how the children were recovered.

“It is only the beginning of a meticulous process because we want their safe return,” Mulugeta added.

He also mentioned that the government of South Sudan cooperated during the process.

“It was a good work of coordination between the governments of Ethiopia and South Sudan.

“We have been working both with the government of South Sudan and the community elders around the areas the children were thought to have been kept,” he said.

He added that the coordination would continue until all children were recovered.

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