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Ethiopia before 28 May 1991 was an epitome of war, hunger and oppression. A land where citizens go for each others neck instead of aiming to change their lives for the better and leveraging the transformation of their country. May 28 is seen as a landmark, it has slaked the thirst of citizens for peace, democracy and development. It is taken as a watershed, for the country started the ABCs of a meaningful life dragging its last leg out of socio-economic morass.

It is a day given special attention in the country’s history, for golden sons and daughters of Ethiopia have written a golden history sacrificing themselves on the altar of freedom, democracy, equality, peace and affluence. The name of such combatants will echo in the annals of history. May 28 is a springboard that afforded Ethiopians a leapfrog to a new chapter one soul and mind. It is a day that reshaped anew the mentality of people towards a common goal of socio-economic take off and peaceful coexistence based on unity in diversity. It is a day Ethiopians see first-hand within the realm of possibility translating the roadmap into practical actions.

The growing demand for good governance and better democracy emanates from the fertile ground May 28 facilitated unshackling people from all sorts of suppression. What makes the 25th anniversary of May 28 unique is, it is a period Ethiopia with a good posture and stamina embarked on the second Growth and Transformation Plan consummating the first one with laurels. Not only that, parallel to seeing to the furtherance of the thrust forward in all spheres of endeavour, the country is astoundingly cushioning the attendant ills of drought that cropped up this year with internal capacity.

Hunger and war are no longer synonymous with Ethiopia just like bygone days. And as such media outlets across the globe refer to Ethiopia as a country displaying a fast economic growth and building gigantic infrastructural facilities. Facts on the ground attest this fact. This change doesn’t come out of the blue. It has resulted from the chemistry people of Ethiopia and the incumbent created. It is not possible to separately see this new chapter and the jewels that adorns it as well as the sustainable march forward. Changes in rural parts of the country be them as they may, the capital Addis is being referred a capital being reshaped anew. In the process innumerable citizens, that sat idle enjoying enforced idleness for years before May 28, are now enjoying ample job opportunities. Some have managed to amass fortune.

Moreover, the conducive situation on the ground has wide opened the door for technology transfer and innovation.

The catchment development in rural parts of the country defies description. Farmers that used to be called tillers have now are experiencing a turnaround. They have now become milliners. The spirit of positive competition to change for the better and to extend helping hands as well as cross pollinate ideas among farmers is stunning. In present day Ethiopia farmers have become beneficiaries of new technologies, parents that send their children to better schools and citizens that aspire to improve their livelihood. It is difficult to view these achievements separating them from the fruits of May28.

Success stories witnessed in education and health sector are basking under global recognition. The health policy geared towards prevention has enabled the task force of the country to remain productive.

The effort towards producing educated personnel is bearing fruit. The country is achieving the intended target of bridging gaps in skilled human resource.

This year we mark May 28 with a heartfelt pleasure that the jewels on the country’s crown are mounting by the day.

Nonetheless the country should not give room for complacence. Rather coming days should be time for Ethiopians to roll up its sleeve for further achievements. Aligning mindset towards development, peace, democracy and a better tomorrow is called for. Averting hurdles like rent-seeking must be made a point.

This years theme for the marking of May 28 is “Ethiopia–a country, which, the respect of diversity has lent impetus to its Renaissance!”

In unison all must work hard to actualize the country’s Renaissance.

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