Ethiopia: Intensified Efforts to Make Nation Guinea Worm Disease Free –

The Ministry of Youth and Sport disclosed on Friday that it will intensify efforts to ensure and address youth agendas through sport. Accordingly, the Ministry announced that some 544 future youth elite athletes were recruited for further professional training in 17 different sport disciplines during the the 5th All Ethiopian Games (AEG).

Speaking at the evaluative meeting on the 5th AEG, Competition and Participation Directorate Director, Tesfaye Bekele, said that this year’s Game was successful in many respects including the recruitment of some 544 future elite sportsperson, establishment of competition and training facilities as well health centers are among the areas that are achieved successfully in connection with the tournament.

He noted that the game takes a national Olympic standard. In the 5th AEG 7,016 sport delegates took part which exceeded the targeted 6,300 participants. “All the regions and the two city administrations have managed to get into the medal table in the Olympic and Para-Olympic games.”

The Director remarked that all stakeholders working on the area should work on sport fair plays, on reversing attitudinal problems that are recurring in sport, skill development, in offering facilities and inputs as well as on advancing working processes that are demanded in modern sport.

State Minister of Youth and Sport, Ambessaw Enyew, on his part said that the 5th AEG is the best and successful tournament from among the last four national tournaments and we will work with a due consideration to benefiting the youth from the ongoing socio-economic development.

State Minister of Youth and Sport of the youth affairs, Addisu Arega, on his part said that the 5th AEG is special in that it had enabled Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia to exchange their best practices and create consensus on common national agendas.

He added that the game has shown Ethiopia’s growth level in sport and the development of various sport facilities to the whole world . He added ” the tournament had been finalized in a peaceful manner, and the tournament had also been an opportunity to work on youth affairs and mobilization programs.”

The state Minister added that youth mobilization programs have also been conducted side by side with the tournament on issues such as illegal human trafficking and smuggling, the possibility for young citizens to work and benefit in the home land, HIV/AIDS, and reproductive health matters among others. Adding he said ” the ministry will be working on youth and sport endeavors as two faces of the same coin.”

Reports and documents related to youth Sport Program training of different regions, health and physical exercise project and training programs, manuals, plan for the execution of the 4th youth sport training program evaluative competitions were also presented for discussion during the consultative meeting.

Participants raised various issues that needed to be given a due attention in connection to online registration, ICT service improvement, National Sport Federations’ low attention to the games, disorganized sport scheduling, and other hindering issues.

Nasir Legesse, Communication Head in the Ministry, said that the 5th All Ethiopian Games has also enabled the sector to achieve economic, social and political benefits. The game has created harmony among nations and it has built capacity across all the games held so far.

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