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A TRADITIONAL African art form came to Windmill School in Headington as youngsters teamed up with a charity to learn more about Ethiopia.

Pupils took part in a flag making project run by Link Ethiopia – which works to improve education and global learning – and art company Kinetika.

Using the Batik technique they applied wax and dye to fabric to create shapes and patterns, resulting in a stunning multicoloured artwork.

Pupils also got involved in an assembly, lessons and talks.

Link Ethiopia is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and has teamed up with UK-based charity Kinetika for the project.

The flag-making was inspired by 10 silk flags that were painted in January by children in Gondar in the East African country.

It aims to challenge, explore and change the perceptions students might have of Ethiopia and its people by broadening their horizons and opening them up to the reality of how others live around the world.

Windmill Primary School headteacher Lynn Knapp said she was delighted with the results.

She said: “It was an amazing project to do, for the kids it is something bigger than just their own school.

“I like the fact that we have been part of a bigger global event

“We had children aged from four to 11 working on it and the way the older children looked after the younger ones was a really good way of demonstrating our values.

“The flag really was fantastic, it looked great and the kids put in a lot of hard work.”

The flag has now left Windmill Primary school to make its journey to Africa, but the school has a replica of based on the original.

It will return to the school next year.

Mrs Knapp said: “The flag has gone to London to meet up with other flags from across the UK and then it will go to Ethiopia.

“It will go with five other flats and there will be a celebration there.

“The flag will then come back to the school around Easter time.”

Following the conclusion of the workshops Link Ethiopia and Kinetika have launched a social media campaign aimed at provoking debate.

The campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram is aimed to show off the students’ work and start a discussion on different types of artistic expression.

It is intended to allow a larger audience to explore, examine and celebrate cultural difference and similarity, belonging and identity.”

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